HR Services

Our focus has been on developing partnerships with the clients .We serve by gaining an understanding of our clients’, vision, plans, goals and culture, our team of seasoned recruiters is able to recruit candidates who precisely match their needs. The result is successful candidates who are an ideal fit and who are able to begin contributing immediately. From top Experts & Specialist to full-time and temporary positions at all levels, matching candidates accurately and successfully is our greatest strength.

Our exclusive focus on recruiting allows us to concentrate on building successful Experts teams for our clients, one candidate at a time. Drawing on a large pool of qualified candidates, our agency uses the latest technology throughout the process, always with the goal of closely matching candidates to position requirements. Candidates we present to our clients are fully screened, thoroughly qualified and ready to contribute their expertise toward meeting your organization’s goals.

Contract Staffing

RCT HR Services assist clients in their staffing requirements by providing contract staffing or temporary manpower. We work with our clients in hiring or identification of temp resources and take selected resources for providing services to the client. We also take identified by clients themselves or existing through some other arrangements on our payroll as well. We takes complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities, statutory employee benefits and compliance for all outsourced Manpower. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client can retain complete control of the same. We match the candidates to the tasks you need completed based on the description of skills provided. Once you select the candidate for your needs we place them on our payroll and their work for you begins. We deploy our resources to the need of the client place as the mutual agreement of Both Parties.

Payroll consultant

Payroll is an inalienable function of any organization. It is not only essential but requires an uncompromising accuracy and timeliness in its delivery. Payroll, however important, it does not form part of these key factors. Hence, Payroll is an ideal function to be outsourced by any organization and to obtain the huge benefits of letting professionals to manage this function. With dynamic changes happening in the tax laws, statutory compliance ,TDS, EPF & ESIC and employee requirements by changing the day and the toll on payroll management, organizations require a complete solution which operates with accuracy, timeliness and trust.

Recruitment and Selection Process

Our extensive network of candidates, our fine-tuned database technology and our outreach methods work together to provide a rich pool of potential candidates for any human resources position. Based on your requirements, our proven screening processes assure you that all candidates are thoroughly vetted and have the dedication, integrity and credentials you require, along with the experience and qualifications needed for your open position.

HR Policies & Frame Works

HR Policy: : In this factor, HR Policies and Procedures play a back bone role to form a structure of an organization. It creates its own branding of the way to express organization’s values and Human Resource’s views. We follow the principles while framing policies & procedures for any organization. Well-written policies and procedures in any organization accelerate the employee’s & organization’s accountability, transparency and morale. We believe that these are the fundamentals to quality assurance and quality improvement programs. .


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